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Welcome to Jay’s Art Shop & Frame Gallery + Cards and Gifts!

We’ve been in business in downtown Bennington, VT for 50+ years and we are so grateful for all of our customers who have supported us over the years! We’ve been in business in downtown Bennington, VT since 1972 and have seen lots of changes over the years.


One thing that hasn’t changed...

Our appreciation of all of our customers through the years, and the real sense of community that is so much a part of our daily lives.

We are so grateful for the support of our employees, our family, friends, and the Bennington area community! We have so much to be thankful for here in Vermont, New England, and nearby upstate New York!

We couldn’t be here celebrating 50+ years in business without your support!  So stop by to visit us and do some shopping in a local landmark! Did you know that our store is housed in the former Drysdale Department Store and was built in the 1860’s?

Try something new this year! We have lots of great ideas to share with you!

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